Tea Tutorial

All tea comes from one bush, the camellia sinensis. This bush contain caffeine, but also contains large amounts of catechin, a powerful anti-oxidant.

White Tea is harvested at the first growth stage when the unopened leaf bud is covered with white fuzzy down. The processing is minimal, leaving large amounts of catechin in the tea

Green Tea is picked when the leaf buds open into small leaves. They are slightly processed therefore slightly reducing the anti-oxidant level.

Oolong Tea is the fermentation or oxidation of green tea. This darkens the leaf and changes the color and flavor.

Black Tea is produced when the green tea is fermented for long periods of time.
The leaves become shriveled, dark and strong.

NOTE: the more the tea is processed, the greater LOSS of anti-oxidants.




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We have over 50 types of loose tea to choose from

Black Teas

Green Teas

Rooibos (South African)

The Rooibos plant in South Africa is not a tea bush, but does undergo the fermentation process which turns the leaves from green to deep red. Rooibos is a completely natural and pure drink that contains no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring or caffeine.


White Teas


Herbal Infusions

Herbal Teas are caffeine free teas. The sole purpose of having herbal teas is that they are used for various medicinal purposes or just for enjoying


Large white flowered shrub grows wild near streams. The leaves are gathered and dried by heat and turned into powder.


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