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Tea Tutorial

All tea comes from one bush, the camellia sinensis. This bush contain caffeine, but also contains large amounts of catechin, a powerful anti-oxidant.

White Tea is harvested at the first growth stage when the unopened leaf bud is covered with white fuzzy down. The processing is minimal, leaving large amounts of catechin in the tea

Green Tea is picked when the leaf buds open into small leaves. They are slightly processed therefore slightly reducing the anti-oxidant level.

Oolong Tea is the fermentation or oxidation of green tea. This darkens the leaf and changes the color and flavor.

Black Tea is produced when the green tea is fermented for long periods of time.
The leaves become shriveled, dark and strong.

NOTE: the more the tea is processed, the greater LOSS of anti-oxidants.




Our Tea Selection

Black Teas

Earl Grey Special
Ceylon black tea, lemon peel, cornflower blossoms, lemon grass, jasmine flowers, oil of bergamont
Ceylon black tea, strawberry leaves, raspberry pieces, natural flavour
English Tea Blend
Assam tea
Lovers Dream
Ceylon black tea, hibiscus, blue mallow blossoms, natural flavor
Masala Chai
Cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, anise star, peppercorn, orange peel, coriander seeds, ginger, cloves, assam black tiger tea
New Monk’s Blend
Black tea, green tea, vanilla bits, jasmine blossoms, earl grey flavor
Black tea, apple pieces, cinnamon, almonds, flavor
Caramel Cream
Ceylon black tea, toffee pieces, flavor
Summer Breeze
Ceylon black tea, lemon peels, peppermint, lemon grass, natural flavor
Black tea, cinnamon pieces, applebits, yogurt pieces, red peppercorns, coriander seeds, almond pieces, nettle leaves, flavor
Makaibari Muscatee Darjeeling Organic
Second flush, musk flavor, rare tea

Steeping Instructions
heat water to 180º F
steep 2 to 5 minutes

Caffeine Content
25 to 110 mg per cup

Green Teas

Markesh Mint
China gunpowder tea, peppermint, lemon grass
China Sencha, mallow flowers, roman chamomile blossoms, peach pieces, flavor
Green sencha tea, strawberry leaves, strawberry pieces, strawberry flavor
Kyoto Lemon
Green tea, sweet-wood, lemongrass, peppermint, lemon peel, flavor
Bamboo Shoots
Genmaicha, ginger, cardamom, bamboo shoots, red pepper corns, papaya pieces, shredded coconut, pinea
Chinese Green with Jasmine
Chinese green tea, jasmine flowers
Flower among the tea (Jasmine)
Opens into a beautiful flower, infusion with sweet under nodes
Japanese Ceremonial Tea, shade grown leaves that are ground into fine powder. The only tea that you actually eat the leaves.

Key Benefits of Matcha

  • because it is ground, it contains much higher concentrates of anti-oxidants, catechins and vitamins

  • Catechins are known to fight viruses, and slow the aging process

  • Matcha has 9 times the beta carotene of spinach and 70 times the antioxidants of fresh orange juice

  • does contain caffeine, but it is the L-theanine that is provides the energy booster

  • high L-theanine content relaxes the brain, muscles and blood vessels

  • balances the blood sugar levels in the body


Caffeine Content
15 to 30 mg per cup
to remove caffeine, steep for 45 seconds, discard tea and re-steep.

Steeping Instructions
steep at a lower temperature to avoid bitterness (140º - 160º F)

Rooibos (South African)

The Rooibos plant in South Africa is not a tea bush, but does undergo the fermentation process which turns the leaves from green to deep red. Rooibos is a completely natural and pure drink that contains no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring or caffeine.

Rooibos Original
Pure unblended South African rooibos bush, no added flavor
Rooibos Samurai
Rooibos and black tea blended with safflower, sunflower blossoms, orange vanilla flavor
Rooibos Bourbon Vanilla
bourbon vanilla
Rooibos Tiramisu
Rooibos, chocolate chips, crackel bits, cocoa, flavor
Rooibos Caramel Cream
caramel pieces and flavor
Rooibos Tropical
pineapple pieces, sunflower blossoms, rose petals, mango pieces, flavor
Rooibos Love
safflowers, sunflowers, calendula flowers, rose flowers, cornflowers, orange peel, natural flavor
Rooibos Ice Age
lemon grass, lemon peel, mint, safflower blossoms, orange blossoms, natural flavor
Rooibos Pumpkin Spice
nettle leaves, apple pieces, sunflowers, flavor
Rooibos Baked Apple
Rose hip, apple pieces, sliced almonds, orange peels, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, flavor
Rooibos Tahiti Cream
pineapple bits, dried coconut, rose blossoms, flavor
Rooibos Chai
Cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorn, citrus peel, ginger bits, anise star, cloves
Rooibos Blueberry Yogurt
Rooibos, blueberry pieces, yogurt pieces, apple bits, cornflowers, flavor

Steeping Instructions
steep 3 to 10 minutes, the longer Rooibos steeps, the more antioxidants are released
No Caffeine

White Teas

White Peach
Paimutan, blue meadow flowers, flavor
White Blueberry
Paimutan, flavor, cornflowers


Herbal Infusions

Herbal Teas are caffeine free teas. The sole purpose of having herbal teas is that they are used for various medicinal purposes or just for enjoying

Stress Reliever
White mistletoe, bean hip, St. John’s Wort, birch leaves, gingko biloba, stinging nettle, lemon grass, natural flavor
Yoga tea
Cinnamon, hawthorn leaves and flowers, ginger bits, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, safflower, malava flowers
Chamomile blossoms
Peppermint leaves
Echinacea Immune
Echinacea root, elderberry, peppermint, lemon grass, cinnamon, fennel, spearmint, rose hip
Sleep Well
Ginkgo leaves, nettle leaves, black berry leaves, St. Johns Wort, vervain, mistletoe, lemon grass
Evening Herb
Common Valerian, rose hip, lemon grass, balm mint, orange peel, safflower blossoms, marigold flowers


Large white flowered shrub grows wild near streams. The leaves are gathered and dried by heat and turned into powder.

Maté Green
Maté Honey
Maté Hibiscus Lime
Maté, hibiscus pieces, natural flavor


Ayurvital Herbal Teas

Tulsi Apple and Pear
Tulsi herb, apple bits, rooibos, pineapple bits, cinnamon, red currants, sunflowers, flavour
Tulsi Harmony
Tulsi herb, rooibos, ginger bits, cinnamon, lemon verbena, chamomile blossoms, lavender, rose petals
Tulsi Energize
Tulsi herb, rooibos organic, gunpowder organic, red pepper, lemon grass, ginger bits, orange peels, green tea
Fruit Blend
Strawberry Raspberry
Hibiscus blossoms, rose hip, apple pieces, elderberries, orange peel, marigold flowers, cornflower blossoms, strawberry pieces, raspberry pieces, natural flavor

Steeping Instructions
- heat water to 180º F
- steep 2 to 5 minutes


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